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The Latest Options in Water Dispensers and Ice Makers at Alpine Valley

From top-load to bottom-load to bottle-less, with sparkling water, coffee makers or ice makers, dispensers today are about more than just hot and cold water.

Water dispensers have been around since the early 1900s. Over the years, they have continued to improve beyond ambient, room-temperature water, eventually adding instantly available hot, cold, and sparkling water options. Today, water dispensers do more than just heat or cool bottled water – they offer a wide range of options to fit your family’s or business’s needs.

The Three Types of Water Dispensers

There are three main types of water dispenser models.


Holds a 3- or 5-gallon bottle that is placed upside down in the top of the dispenser.

  • Depending on the model, it can dispense hot, cold, sparkling, or ambient water.
  • Models available for the floor or countertop.
Aspen Bottle Cooler
Borg & Overstrom E4


Hide the bottle that sits on the floor underneath the cooler unit.

  • Attractive option – no bottle in sight.
  • No need to lift any bottles above your waist when replacing
  • Quick and easy replacement.
  • Dispense hot, cold or ambient water.


These dispensers skip the bottles all together and tap into an existing sink or water line.

  • The water is run through highly effective filters and is immediately available for use.
  • Clean, fresh water on demand, convenient, and environmentally friendly.
  • Foot pedal available for hands-free, hygienic dispensing.

The Best of Both Worlds – Water & Ice

If you enjoy your water with ice, then a combination ice maker and water cooler is the perfect solution.

  • Providing hot and cold water on demand, plus anywhere from 24 – 125 pounds of ice per day.
  • Ice dispensed directly into your glass.
  • Water is filtered, bringing clean, fresh tasting water and ice whenever you want it.
  • Interested in an ice machine but no water supply? Available in a 5-gallon bottom-load ice machine and cooler!
  • Bottom-load and bottle-less models to keep it cool when you need it most.

Coffee Brewer & Water Cooler All in One

If you’re more interested in hot coffee and hot cocoa instead of cold, icy drinks, an ideal choice is a combination water dispenser that also brews coffee.

  • Available in both bottle-less and bottom-load bottle options.
  • Excellent in areas that have space constraints.
  • Enjoy coffee brewed piping hot from the coffee pod of your choice alongside hot or cold dispensed water.

Keeping Your Equipment Running Perfectly

To keep your water dispenser and ice maker working well day-in and day-out, regular maintenance is needed. We come out annually to check your filters, change your reservoirs, and complete any needed maintenance according to manufacturer’s guidelines to be sure your equipment will continue to provide you with clean, fresh water and ice. With Alpine Valley PURE Service, when your equipment is down…we’ll get you up and running ASAP!

Call Alpine Valley Water & Coffee for Your Ice Maker and Water Dispenser Needs

At Alpine Valley Water & Coffee, we pride ourselves on offering a cost-effective range of water dispensers, ice machines and coffee makers. Whether you are starting with your first dispenser, or looking to add a second or third option, we will help you find the perfect solution for your home and business needs in the Greater Cincinnati and tri-state area.