PURE Service since 1990

Workplace Coffee Service

Show your team some appreciation and workplace perks with Coffee Service from Alpine Valley. Whether you are in a health care setting, traditional office, manufacturing plant, college or university, you can support the productivity of your personnel with workplace coffee service. Our dedicated Account Managers and Coffee Route Team will supply equipment and provide outstanding service to keep you stocked and serviced in a very timely manner.

Delivery Programs

Alpine Valley will meet with you and determine what program would best fit your needs. Once we finalize the equipment needed and choose the fresh-roasted coffee varieties, we will install the coffee makers and start service. In order to keep your coffee lovers satisfied, we have a dedicated Coffee Route Service team who will clean and check your machine every stop.

Office Coffee Varieties

Not sure what coffee selections would be best for you? We will meet with you to taste and select a variety that your team will look forward to and enjoy. Choose from single cup, ground and whole bean coffee options. With Alpine Valley coffee, you don’t have to miss seasonal favorites like pumpkin spice or peppermint, we offer those coffees as well. Looking to add something a little special? It’s easy to add a few coffee flavoring syrups to your order to make the team’s daily coffee have a touch of something extra.

Workplace Coffee Makers & Coffee Equipment

Office coffee makers come in different styles and options to fit what your team needs. We can suggest what coffee equipment would be best for your workplace based on the number of people and the space you have available for your refreshment area. There are one, two and three pot coffee makers available. Looking to do something special for your clients or team? We also offer the latest in coffee trends, such as a Nitro Coffee Machine, to make visiting the refreshment area something to look forward to every day.

Break Room Supplies

We have a wide selection of coffee cups, coffee lids, and coffee sleeves available including a full line of biodegradable and compostable cups and flatware. You can choose from several sugars, sweeteners and creamers in addition to natural syrups and coffee toppings to elevate your coffee experience.