Touchless Water Dispenser is Easier Than You Think

Now, you can reduce the risk of germ transmission with one simple addition: the foot switch

Meet the B4 Foot Switch

for Hands Free Filtration Cooler Operation

Now, the B4 high capacity filtration water dispenser can become hands-free (and touchless!) with the simple addition of the Foot Switch.

Here’s what you need to know

The B4 is built with no intricate buttons (germ magnets), so it’s touch-sensitive console instantly delivers high capacity chilled, hot, and ambient or sparkling water. (But not hot sparkling water. That would be weird.)

The hands-free dispenser foot switch can be easily added to existing B4 filtered water units. Since users aren’t touching anything, it dramatically reduces the opportunity for germ transmission.

Have a (very) thirsty crowd? The B4 is designed to accommodate tall sports bottles and jugs, makinghydration simple and reducing the need fordisposable cups.

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